I wish to suggest two techniques of my own on learning while coding - 1) when learning something new by example, don’t copy/paste from the source. Type it in - word by word, line by line, instead. It worked in the 80s when we typed programs from magazines’ code listings into the computer. The same thing works 40 years later. Typing it often leads to mistakes that force us to trace the code and fix it. It will also help us develop coding memory. It is normal to clone large open-source code from GitHub, but you won’t learn by watching code run. Feel the pain of typing code even if you don’t understand what you are typing at first. The pain will force you to learn what you are doing. You will be making progress in learning from what was already done by someone else before you, and then you can build something new. 2) Don’t use a mouse - learn keyboard shortcuts. Don’t write the shortcuts on paper if you cannot remember them. Writing a shortcut down does not make you efficient. It makes you more dependent on that piece of paper. Either use recognizable nouns or verbs to remind you of some shortcuts or keep searching for the shortcut online every time you forget. The pain of searching will eventually force you to memorize the shortcuts. Your mouse is your last resort when everything else fails. If you have techniques of your own, please do share.

Typing Code In (found this photo at pinterest/PogoSumo)