Here is a painting that I guarantee will never have one like it auto-generated by AI. That is because there is a human story behind it and not that of a machine. I was six years old at a school in Lebanon. Believe it or not, I still remember when I did not bother to dry the paintbrush as I was drawing an image of a home and a boy that was me, I think. When my parents saw the colored painting, they were wowed by the creativity of their son, when I had absolutely no more imagination than any six-year-old kid at the time. On the contrary, I was not even following instructions and was carelessly painting in my way. My father, who was a journalist, shared it with an artist at the publishing house that they both worked at. The artist was so impressed with the painting or was highly biased towards my dad that he was doing him a favor that a copy of the picture was published in black and white in the magazine (the magazine had no colors at the time). The texture and the dripping paint were by my clumsiness. In my eyes, the painting had no real meaning, but to my parents or that artist, it meant something. Now, fast forward to the 21st century. Generative Ai, ChatGPT, and DALL.E are all generating realistic images. The created images are much more beautiful than my six-year-old self, but they lack the story, the clumsiness, and sarcasm behind the drawing. I love #ai and #generativeAI. They are my bread and butter at my INFOCOM AI consultancy, but such algorithms can never replace the human element and the story behind each painting, no matter how silly was the work. LinkedIn

Tarek Drawing - 6 years old