I posted several personal posts throughout 2023. The main ones are shown below.

2023-05-25 Dreaming as Superman

Starting my own business reminds me of a childhood moment. I am at a new elementary school and hardly know the kids. We had just moved to a new country, so we hardly knew anyone in general. A Halloween event is at school. My mother took me to buy a Halloween custom the day or weekend before, I can’t remember. I wanted to be Superman and save the world from evil. The costume was costly, so my mother decided to sew one for me. I went to school, caring less about how I looked or how people saw my weird-looking S for Superman, the belt, or the shoes that didn’t match. I was all over this world and fearlessly always wanted to help others. Buying hardware or services to look expensive is not in my upbringing. Being cheap is not as well! It is about building and loving everything you do, like sewing that big S for HEART on that shirt. INFOCOM AI #startup

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2023-06-18 biking

It’s Friday. You spent the week working your ass off - coding and consulting. It’s a beautiful weather. No office. Your on your own. Your home is your office, and you need a break. What do you do? You take one of your bikes, and go! #startup Happy Friday! #mentalhealth linkedin post

2023-06-18 Listening to your Mother

You know the saying, “Always listen to your mother,” right? So my story goes, as it was repeatedly narrated by my mother when I was a kid: I once looked up at the upper floors of my primary school and asked her, “What is up there?” She said that those floors are for the upper classes. I then said that “I just need to get up to those floors and be done.” What I meant by “be done” is to be done with school. She translated the words as early signs of my ambition to grow and prosper in my career. Yes, I did thrive in my career, but that doesn’t mean her words came true. I truly wanted to be done with school! But in reality, I always keep working, learning, and developing without obsessing for the upper floors. I want to enjoy the current floor that I am on and occasionally look down in case I missed checking some rooms on the lower floors. My moral of this story is 1) mothers see things differently (bless them) but don’t always listen to your mother (my mom is not on LinkedIn, thankfully). 2) before you rush up to all the floors that are above you, stop and enjoy the floor that you are on. That floor could be the best floor you ever stood up on because one of the rooms on that floor can be full of awesomeness. Open all the doors on your floor, and then, once you feel satisfied, take the stairs, not the elevator, to the next floor. #career #learning #startup

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2023-07-14 10:07 Coding on Fire

What does it take to get my coding ass on fire … an electronic machine (the computer), a human (me), natural ingredients (coffee), ambient music (bulky headset), a noisy environment (coffee shop), a geeky shirt, and a positive spirit! #coding


2023-08-03 GMI Mentorship

I am excited to support the Global Mentor Initiative by connecting with my mentee from #Lebanon next week. Thank you, Global Mentorship Initiative and its CEO Jon Browning, for establishing a global platform that brings mentors and mentees together. For anyone interested about the #mentorship program, the details are below: https://lnkd.in/gv6MQtxm


2023-08-05 The Computer Guy

I volunteer some time in helping older people at a nearby senior living center struggling with their phones, computers, and electronic equipment. Sadly, they are left out of the mainstream tech community. To make the process easy for them, I created a self-hosted voice portal with an easy-to-remember phone number and easy prompts for them to call me and tell me the issue. Usually, someone from the front desk calls on their behalf. Once they leave their message, I have a subsequent workflow system that I coded which turns their issues into a task list, adds transcription to their recordings, and notifies me. I would then handle the tasks when I could. Some still prefer to leave me a note in a binder with a sweet cover from the friendly staff. I wish more techies would help seniors around them. They need us with tech. #volunteer #community


2023-08-18 Five Year Old Presentation

Five years ago, I presented on AI at the University of Texas in Dallas. I emphasized the doing-it-yourself principles and showcased various software and hardware techniques, including running a machine learning algorithm on a Commodore 64 emulator. Wanting to share and help others is hereditary, I suppose, since most of my family are either educators or journalists. #education #mentorship

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2023-08-25 Mr Talal Salman

Our Lebanese generation and those of our parents and their parents have grown up reading the As-Safir newspaper each day. Its creator, Mr Talal Salman, passed away today at 85. He may not have remembered me after leaving Lebanon for over 20 years. Still, I will never forget his influence, work, and boldness in keeping As-Safir a genuinely independent and unbiased newspaper in Lebanon. My dad worked at As-Safir, and I also worked there during my past employment at Knowledgeview LTD. He was inspirational for us all. Moreover, he was extremely kind and caring, especially as you read his writing, such as when he wrote a heartfelt article about my dad after he passed away from cancer ten years ago. RIP, Mr Talal Salman. صوت الذين لا صوت لهم


2023-09-02 Ready

That READY[] computer prompt sparked my lifelong passion for computers when I was ten (forty years ago). Always #ready to consult on #ai, go deep with #fullstack code, orchestrate #DevSecOps and #MLOps systems, mentor #emergingtalent, or have a coffee with fellow geeks discussing #computerhistory. INFOCOM AI


2023-09-10 Morocco

What is happening in Morocco is heartbreaking. Over 2,000 lives were lost from the earthquake; God knows how many are still stuck or have become homeless, and the beautiful historic city of Marakesh is damaged.