As we embark on more and more digitization, automation, machine intelligence, virtualization, and a cyber lifestyle, many of us feel that we have all the information at our fingertips. Before the web, newsstands, bookshelves, and libraries were our source of information. Then came the search engines on the web, and now we have chatbots to summarize stuff for us because we are becoming more efficient than ever before. But we are now losing the element of surprise with the web because we have everything we need via the web browser. I have repeatedly told stories on LinkedIn about picking some technology book or a computer magazine randomly from my collection and finding myself taking a new path in something that I would not have expected. We all have the web, but so many stories are waiting to be discovered and are only a few inches away in your library if you have one. If you don’t have a library of your own, I suggest you build one just like the library that I made for myself. My computer library is my private web and personal sanctuary. What about yours? LinkedIn

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