When cars were all mechanical and less tech and TVs were black and white with antennas, watching car racing was memorable. You can’t replay or pause like today. Weather-breaking broadcast reception was fans’ greatest fear. Now, technology takes over almost everything at the pit and on TV. Watching races nowadays seems more like watching a perfectly choreographed movie than watching human intellects and fitnesses compete. Still, races are entertaining but seem perfect, enormously digital, and hi-def, unlike the old days. Sports technology is leaving less room for our imagination. Maybe we are witnessing the last episodes of natural racing before esports fully take over and self-driving cars powered with algorithms become the predominant racing entertainment (not sport). Luckily, we don’t have self-driving horses, so maybe that type of sports tradition may last longer than car racing. Well, only if we, as humans, preserve our animal species before advancing AI. Enjoy watching Indy500 today before robots watch it on our behalf.