All operating systems and personal computer software were born after the Unix operating system was created in 1969. But for the first two years of Unix, no documentation existed until the managers of Dennis Ritchie and Ken Thompson insisted that they make a digital guide for the operating system. It led to the “man” command (short for manual), which is still a crucial part of Unix/Linux. Easily accessible documentation within the system helped make Unix, C, and other modules help all developers and users. How often does one struggle between typing on a keyboard in one hand and having an actual tech book in the other? Online manuals, whether the F1 key or /? or “man” (manual), are more accessible. Even more, imagine if no documentation existed. Would the tech world be the same? The issue of lack of documentation is always a problem in tech. Developers hate to document, and managers always miss out on this. Everyone forgets this until it is too late. This a call out to all developers to always document their code to leave positive traces behind for others.

Unix man