We are witnessing a new beginning in the IT enterprise. The demand for ARM processors will shape edge computing across data centers and personal devices. Businesses will continue to leverage cloud-based computing/services from the big firms but will want more secure computing in-house, which edge computing will provide. Firms will also deploy more IoT devices around their premises or need to connect their hardware to a centralized hub. At the same time, consumers will leverage digital tools that may or may not be their phones (think of digital assistant devices all around). Cheap ARM-based single-chip boards are becoming more and more notable alternatives to traditional computing hardware. Many 250 billion microcontrollers worldwide can leverage TinyML for on-device machine learning capabilities to support vision, audio, and sensory motion projects. More data from such devices will become the new datasets for data scientists, leading to new innovative products and services. The privacy and cybersecurity laws, starting with CCPA, GDPR, and what’s coming, will further govern such work to meet customer protection, data safety, and regulatory bodies’ demands. As a result, more eyes and hands will be on IT. It is a fabulous time to be part of IT!