As part of Thomson Reuters community engagement, my team and I met with Dallas ISD high school students who visited the University of Texas in Dallas campus. My team sat with the students and discussed their career experiences. I did as well, but I also had the chance to present my deck to the students. Hoping to generate excitement in the students about a computer career, I talked about my passion for computer games, highlighted Dallas as one of the founding cities in technology, and then briefly showcased with YouTube videos how AI is being embedded in games. I empowered them with the idea that they also can develop cool stuff with AI and software development. After my speech, I asked what they liked about computers. Their answer was unanimous - “games.”

me presenting

one of the round table session

Last week, we also had Dallas ISD students visiting our Carrolton office. One thing that impressed the students is us writing on walls of the office. It seemed strange to them, so I gave them color markers and asked them to draw on the walls too! (note: erasable markers!)