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Below are some of the notable engagements that I did within the community. Note that the list excludes some of the speaking engagements and publications that I did for my employers due to corporate proprietary reasons:


  • 2020 Feb - Moderated two CIO/CSO forums “Rewiring CIO Behavior” and “IT Transformation and CIOS” as part of NCS Madison conference in Seattle

  • 2019 July - Published article “NLP: Then, Now, and What I Hope is Coming” in StartupCity Magazine July ‘19 edition. Magazine article link

  • 2019 Apr - Presented “Careers in Computers” 3rd year in row for 8th graders at Lamar Middle School. Check “Cool 8th Graders, Computers & Games!”

  • 2019 Apr - Panel speaker at “Dallas Startup Week “scaling without stagnating” for corporate firms.

  • 2018 Dec - Presented to colleagues at Thomson Reuters a lightning talk titled “Course Sentiment Tweets with AutoML”.

  • 2018 Oct - Gave an interactive presentation at the University of Texas in Austin with the assistance of my mentee Katherine Li at Thomson Reuters titled “Applied AI/ML in the Workplace - Geek Food for Thought”.

  • 2018 Oct - One of my favorite presentations that I did - “The AI and I at Work” for the MIS students at the University of Texas in Dallas.

  • 2018 Feb - “DIY Applied Machine Learning: Practical and collaborative method to jump start into machine learning projects using open source with Jupyter Notebooks and Google Collab” Presented at the IDEAS Conference Dallas 2018, University of Texas in Dallas.


  • Hoteit, T. (2015). Effects of Investor Sentiment Using Social Media on Corporate Financial Distress. Walden Dissertations and Doctoral Studies. doi

Other manuscripts: