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18 July 2020

Arabic Computing Archive

Lately, I have been reading and listening to podcasts on the history of computers. I noticed that there is a lot of material, from books to wikis, on computer related histories and references, but there is hardly anything about the Arab world and computers that goes beyond just computing usage. Regardless of the historical reasons behind the shortage of Arab-related initiatives that relate to computers, what if we make an effort to document what is out there? Maybe it generates some interests in building something new and innovative for the future Arab generations. My career in computers spans over three decades, using computers as a profession, thinking about computers when not working, and developing non-Arabic solutions for my employers. It is about time to do something that provides some support to my culture even if I lived most part of my life away from the Arab world.

The plan is to build a running archive of Arabic computer content that should include:

The work is going to be exhaustive, mainly because of the lack in sufficient resources online. Attempts will be made to contact people, collect the data, organize the data, and ultimately make everything available in open source/open data/gnu license form, hopefully, Arabic and in English on https://arabic.computer. The purpose, once again, is to contribute to the Arabic community by offering them an organize view of what was done in the past, what is out there, and what ideas can we take to build useful and cool things for our Arabic-speaking future generations even if, like the case of my kids, Arabic is not their primary language.

To Do

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