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29 February 2020

Together, Machines and Humans

Elon Musk was asked earlier Feb on Twitter if a PhD is needed to learn AI and artificial neural networks (NN). He said: “a PhD is definitely not required. All that matters is a deep understanding of AI & ability to implement NNs in a way that is actually useful (latter point is what’s truly hard). Don’t care if you even graduated high school.” Elon is right. There are a lot of great use cases to integrate AI into our projects and in the business, such as voice assistants and smart predictions. But, we should do 2 things first: 1) Stop from simply trying because we fear AI will take over the world. AI is already everywhere so let’s embrace it ethically and intelligently. 2) Not every project will show true ROI at first. So, rather than killing it at inception, begin small or part time starting with just one developer and one business person, not as an MVP but as a real working use case. Together, machines and humans, can come up with amazing things. Our solutions should be better than what our predecessors, both humans and machines, did in the past, since we now have better technologies and much bigger intellectual wealth than even before. #future #leadership #innovation #artificialintelligence

tags: technology