Tarek Hoteit

Tarek's news and notes on computers and innovation

Some of the testimonials that I received are below:

“Tarek is one of the most creative people that I worked with in my career and that is not necessarily his forte. His ability to mold technology in order to build solutions that solve real world problems is uncanny. A unique combination of dedication, passion and intelligence makes him a rare commodity in the generic technology-buzz ridden leaders market that we find ourselves dwelling in these days. He is rare gem that I have seen grow from raw to seasoned in record time and he will always have a place in my organization, not that I think he will ever need to look for a job.” ― Hammad A. (CIO)

“Tarek brings a unique combination of hands-on technical and research skills, business acumen and commercial focus. His infectious energy for building products and getting things done is an asset to any organization.” ― Khaled K. (VP R&D & AI)

“Tarek is a driver of change. Coming into our group from a different industry and customer base he very quickly helped us move our development pipeline and vision ahead. He really did a great job focusing on leading transformation with a view towards making a real difference in how our customers interacted with us and viewed their relationship with us. I am thankful for his drive, his vision and his pushing our development, testing and UX teams to drive quickly towards a goal. If you looking for an instrument of change with an acceptance of new tools, services and capabilities you would do very well with Tarek.” ― Justin H (VP)

“Tarek is an innovator and embraces the latest technology to improve customer experience or drive productivity for the business. He is high energy and enthusiastic about what he loves to do.” ― Salim S. (COO)

“I worked with Tarek for several years. He always demonstrated a passion to learn new technology, updating his skills and knowledge. He has a proven track record of coming up with innovative solutions after applying due diligence and in-depth research in the subject area. He worked extensively in automating testing operations and improving the CICD model. Tarek has strong leadership skills, bringing his along in the journey and driving change through leadership by example.” ― Wael F. (CIO)

“Tarek’s ability to innovate stood out in the organization. He always thought of new ways to improve the team’s productivity using tools in innovative ways. One tool, in particular, stood the test of times and was used far beyond our organization. Tarek never tired to learn new things and expand his horizon. He was always eager to jump in and drive progress.” ― Armin K. (CTO)

Tarek is a tech genius, perhaps one of the best partners in technology to the HR team. He has the unique ability to transform nontech vision into a tech reality. Tarek partnered very closely with the recruiting team at Thomson Reuters for various events and opportunities and helped us co-create ideas on how to capture the interest of millennials and z generation that yielded many successful brand and hiring opportunities. Thank you for your partnership! ― Neeti U. (VP Global Talent)

“Tarek brings an infectious passion and intensity to all of his responsibilities. He is committed to achieving market changing capabilities through the pragmatic and actionable use of cutting edge technology, especially AI/ML. He led some groundbreaking efforts. In addition, Tarek and I worked closely on college recruitment and campus relations programs. He has a great eye for new talent, an extensive network among colleges and universities and a deep commitment to developing early careers through mentorship and coaching.” ― Cameron H. (Senior Director)

“I have worked very closely with Tarek. It was a great loss to have him leave to the US, but his potential and hunger for knowledge could only be satisfied in the US. I could rely on him for any technical task, as difficult as it could be, he always found a solution, and not any solution, but a smart and out of the box one. His lovely personality just made work fun with him. I highly recommend Tarek; he is a great asset.” - ― Manal M. (Director)

“Tarek is a great mentor and an excellent technology manager. He studied computer science from an early age and has a solid technical knowledge, which makes him a hands-on person. As my manager, Tarek provided a lot of guidance on my career development and technical skill development. His innovative nature can always make things happen and provide a different angle to solve the problems. Coming from a technical background, Tarek could both understand business requirement and software development very well. Under his supervision, I have the freedom to explore new things and initiate new projects. Tarek is a nice colleague to work with and a great manager to report to. He would always try his best to help people whether it is his task or not, and he is always willing to share his knowledge with others. He conducted several data science presentations to college and high-school students, from which I could tell his passion for technology and his caring personality. Tarek is definitely a transformational leader in the technology field.” ― Katherine Li (Principal Data Scientist)

“Tarek is a technology enthusiast, Data Science evangelist who brought his technology vision to every application he was responsible for directly or indirectly. He has brought in major UX changes to Thomson Reuters learning applications, which made a huge difference in the usability, and look and feel of the applications along with driving more traffic from mobile devices. Tarek’s drive for AI Implementation into learning platforms to suggest courses to professionals visiting TR Learning platforms was a great success, which has driven more revenue to the platforms. Tarek knows how to inspire people, manage distributed teams, lead by example, and set priorities. He does an exceptional job of balancing short-term vs. long-term goals. He is a great listener and can, therefore, get the customer what they need, and at the same time, he can deal with technical challenges to limit tech debt. He operates with both thoughtfulness and urgency. He is a well balanced and talented technical leader!” ― Hari M. (Sr. Manager)

“I worked under Tarek this summer (2018), as a Data-Science intern. Throughout my summer, he never failed to amaze me. His passion for technology and innovation is unparalleled by anyone in the work-force. He is always informed on the latest technologies, and constantly broadening his knowledge base. He dedicates everything to work, then goes home takes care of his family, and is still publishing papers and learning new software. Personally, he served as my boss and a mentor throughout my internship and was definitely the reason my experience was as valuable as it was. Tarek pushed for innovative projects for interns, allowing us to see the potential of technology at a relatively traditional company like Thomson Reuters. He gave us a chance to make an impact on the company and provided me exposure to many talented individuals in the company. He gave me advice, challenged me, and always saw the next step, even when I didn’t. Tarek also fosters a great team environment; everyone is excited to see him, and he genuinely cares about what is going in his employees’ lives. Tarek is a visionary, an enthusiast; he has suggested technological innovations at TR five years before they were implemented. In my personal opinion, a man with his intelligence, enthusiasm, and drive should be leading the technology division of an entire company.” ― Samir N. (Intern)

“Tarek is one of the finest technology leaders I have worked with. His passion for technology is contagious(in a good way). It was Tarek’s vision that led to the transformation of a legacy application to a state of the art and modern web portal. Also, it was his leadership and customer-centric vision that helped our product to leap into the world of mobile platforms. Tarek’s “Customer First” approach was key to fixing many longterm pestering bugs and thereby enhancing the business value of the product. Tarek is a fantastic mentor and has an aura of energy around him when he is discussing technology with his peers. He is and will continue to be an asset for the organization that he is part of.” ― Chayan A. (Team Lead)

“Tarek has an excellent vision. He is very much capable of transforming and leading teams in the right direction. In giving direction to the team, he always thinks about how his efforts can add value to the business. He is technically very strong and this aspect gave him the ability to give the right kind of solutions to the team when they are hit roadblocks. He is very good at mentoring and training team members to strengthen their technical skills. He encourages the team to come up with new innovative ideas and think out of the box.” ― Jaya U. (QA Lead)

“I had the privilege of working with Tarek at Verizon as my immediate Manager for about four years. He was very successful in improving our Operations team tremendously by innovating creative processes to satisfy our customers’ demands and also the business. His influence even extended beyond our team as he was always willing and ready to take ownership of problems and assist in resolving them. He is a very innovative and resourceful leader. Tarek is very influential, detail-oriented and attentive to details and these attributes coupled with his educational and professional background, makes him a very effective manager that always produces positive results while creating the best solutions for the business. ‘Wherever the fire is hot..Tarek is there’ I recommend Tarek.” ― Len C. (Manager)

“I met and got to know Tarek as part of the Verizon Lean Six Sigma (VLSS) Black Belt program. Tarek is, by far, one of the most intelligent and talented professionals I have met. His direct no-nonsense approach, coupled with his unique skill set and technical depth, is a tremendous asset to Verizon.” ― Greg W. (LSS Black Belt)

“Tarek is an amazing collaborator. He is Innovation in its truest sense. He has a forward vision that would be an asset to any company.” ― Melanie C. (Team Lead)

“I had the pleasure of teaming with Tarek for four years to improve the ordering of our products. I found Tarek to be an innovative leader with a very strong work ethic. His ambitious, goal oriented and detail oriented approach as a manager was evident through his ability to analyze, summarize ideas, and enact the right solution for the business. If you are looking for a strong IT professional, Tarek will not disappoint.” ― April A. (Manager)

“Tarek’s skills in managing large teams and delivering solutions on time are outstanding. He led our group efficiently and professionally, and his supportive and friendly attitude is a highly appreciated virtue. Certainly, someone to learn from.” ― Hernan D. (Engineer)

“Tarek is a great manager with the ability to keep calm under pressure and share that self-confidence to people around him. He is a natural leader and is always willing to support his co-workers.” ― Bruno Z. (Engineer)