Katherine Li (Principal Data Scientist)

“Tarek is a great mentor and an excellent technology manager. He studied computer science from an early age and has a solid technical knowledge, which makes him a hands-on person. As my manager, Tarek provided a lot of guidance on my career development and technical skill development. His innovative nature can always make things happen and provide a different angle to solve the problems. Coming from a technical background, Tarek could both understand business requirement and software development very well. Under his supervision, I have the freedom to explore new things and initiate new projects. Tarek is a nice colleague to work with and a great manager to report to. He would always try his best to help people whether it is his task or not, and he is always willing to share his knowledge with others. He conducted several data science presentations to college and high-school students, from which I could tell his passion for technology and his caring personality. Tarek is definitely a transformational leader in the technology field.”