Hari M. (Sr. Manager)

“Tarek is a technology enthusiast, Data Science evangelist who brought his technology vision to every application he was responsible for directly or indirectly. He has brought in major UX changes to Thomson Reuters learning applications, which made a huge difference in the usability, and look and feel of the applications along with driving more traffic from mobile devices. Tarek’s drive for AI Implementation into learning platforms to suggest courses to professionals visiting TR Learning platforms was a great success, which has driven more revenue to the platforms. Tarek knows how to inspire people, manage distributed teams, lead by example, and set priorities. He does an exceptional job of balancing short-term vs. long-term goals. He is a great listener and can, therefore, get the customer what they need, and at the same time, he can deal with technical challenges to limit tech debt. He operates with both thoughtfulness and urgency. He is a well balanced and talented technical leader!”