Return of Steve to Apple

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P# 2 of Steve Jobs post

10 years after, Steve Jobs returned to Apple as a more experienced and, yet, still passionate (sold NeXT to Apple, owned Pixar that gave Toy Story to the world, and always loved the Apple he cofounded). Watch the 1997 video below and see the difference in the character and presentation between Gil Amelio, who was leading Apple at the time, and Steve Jobs (shows up 7min later in the video). Compare the presentations between both. Notice the confidence and power from Steve, and the lack of by Amelio. More importantly, notice the story telling and how Steve embraced more the development community this time. Of course, Apple is not only Steve and Steve is not only Apple. But the power of his message in that conference, in my opinion, has set the stage of what Apple became as a brand for the development community and the world. It is another learning opportunity for all of us techies.