RIP Sir Clive Sinclair

RIP Sir Clive Sinclair, an Engish genius who helped shape home computing in the late seventies and early eighties. He invented the first mass computer for under 100 pounds, the ZX 80, and produced technologies that were far ahead of his time such as a 1975 computer watch and 1985 e-vehicle. He single-handedly launched the… Continue reading RIP Sir Clive Sinclair

90s Internet

The 90s Internet was cool with sites that are now technically extinct. Some of you will remember Geocities ( , The 90s Internet was superb with sites that are now technically extinct. Some of you will remember Geocities (, MySpace (, AOL (, and Yahoo! Answers ( Others may remember AltaVista ( and Friendster (… Continue reading 90s Internet

The Machine That Changed the World Full Series 1992

Check out the 1992 mini-series “The machine that changed the world” – a 5 episode documentary on the history of personal computers beginning with the ENIAC. Additional videos include early interviews with Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Steve Wozniak, Mitch Kapoor, Alan Kay, and more are available at OpenVault

former Soviet Union & Computers

Most history books on computers focus on the Western movements that lead to the advancement and breakthroughs in the field. However, the Russians during the Soviet Union era had their internal research and development that was not generally well known outside their circle. Luckily, the Russian Virtual Museum now provides a window on the computers… Continue reading former Soviet Union & Computers

World Book Day

Celebrating #worldbookday2021. The bookshelves behind me where I work at home have vintage computer books from the past decades. It gives me inspiration and a continuous passion for computers and technologies each and every day.

VAX Terminals

While reading Tracy Kidder book “The Soul of a New Machine” which tells the entrepreneurship history of minicomputers, I remembered the VAX terminal machines we used at the American University of Beirut Computer Science department a long time ago. We were coding on green screens and getting mesmerized with code printouts from the matrix paper.… Continue reading VAX Terminals

Apple 1 for $1.5 Million

If you made money off GameStop vs. Reddit, you should check head to eBay listing – “1976 Computer System 1st Steve Wozniak designed computer with.” It is the first Apple computer designed by Steve Wozniak & Steve Jobs and is on sale for $1,500,000.00 plus $1 for shipping. Free local pickup. Luckily, the eBay photos are… Continue reading Apple 1 for $1.5 Million

Game and Watch

Nintendo is celebrating its 40th anniversary of Super Mario and the 20th anniversary of its original Game and Watch with the latest Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. The Game and Watch were so amazing. As a kid, I would carry the two that I had everywhere, even to bed. A list of all the games… Continue reading Game and Watch

Emupedia Emulator OS

Emupedia EmuOS is a browser-based emulator with the 90’s Windows theme for playing retro games online without installation. You can access it at “emupedia – emuos“. The emulation is shared for video game preservation purposes. It follows other nonprofit organizations’ archiving and preservation efforts, such as the Internet Archive, the Archive Team, Video Game History Foundation (, and… Continue reading Emupedia Emulator OS


Atari, the maker of the original 2600 Video Computer System, is on a roll. They have Atari Hotels in the making, Atari Token, a blockchain token system based on Ethereum and bitcoin, a modern gaming system in the works, the Atari VCS, a virtual casino in the works, and a whole set of new games. See the full Atari catalog. On… Continue reading Atari