World Book Day

Celebrating #worldbookday2021. The bookshelves behind me where I work at home have vintage computer books from the past decades. It gives me inspiration and a continuous passion for computers and technologies each and every day.

Code Voice Arabic

My podcast with Coder Voice in Arabic. I spoke about my early start in computers in the early eighties, my professional career in Lebanon and the United States. We then talked about AI, open-source, and retro computers. Thank you, Hassan Kanj – حسن كنج for letting me share my voice. نتحدث في الحلقة ٢٩ من… Continue reading Code Voice Arabic

High School Award

Found this in my archives. I was 17 years old junior at the American Community School Beirut. In 1991, the class was learning BASIC, which I knew already from elementary days. The lab instructor saw me bored, made me his assistant, and gave me the “Oh Pascal!” book. My first task was to write a… Continue reading High School Award


My dad passed away on 2/22/2012. Cancer took him after a long fight. He was a pioneer in journalism and future thinking. He loved the pen and paper. He loved his family. His pride is seeing his children and grandchildren succeed in life. He always believed in being passionate about what you do, be authentic… Continue reading 2/22/2012

My College Days Story

A big wish for me came true this weekend when I had the honor to present in Palo Alto Silicon Valley to my fellow alumni at the American University of Beirut. I talked about my passion for computers from childhood to high school to college, and after. I rediscovered myself during my college years after… Continue reading My College Days Story

Sharing Alumni Experience

This Saturday, I will be geeking out on AI, machine learning, computing, cloud computing, and entrepreneurship with fellow professors, doctors, and alumni in Silicon Valley / Paolo Alto. Many of my fellow computer science and engineering graduates from the American University of Beirut currently living in the US and attending the reunion have leading positions… Continue reading Sharing Alumni Experience