Linux 30th Anniversary

Happy 30th birthday today, Linux. From Wiki History of Linux ( “As Torvalds wrote in his book Just for Fun,[13] he eventually ended up writing an operating system kernel. On 25 August 1991, he (at age 21) announced this system in a Usenet posting to the newsgroup “comp.os.minix.” :[14] Hello everybody out there using minix… Continue reading Linux 30th Anniversary


My late dad, who passed away in 2012, wrote a book about Cyprus in 1991. It was the first book about the Cypriot crises that was written in Arabic. At the time, we as a family were in so much debt due to the Lebanon conflict. As a kid then, having my dad publish the… Continue reading #bookloversday

Working Hard

When I was a kid, my dad once told me that it is essential to work hard to rest later. During my youth, it never crossed my mind that resting later means at the end of one’s life. For me, to do your best means to be up there working or learning each day and… Continue reading Working Hard

Father’s Day

My dad (he passed away ten years ago) was the number 1 supporter of my computer passion. I remember him signing me up to a computer club when I was seven. He later bought me my first computer, the Commodore Vic 20. That same year or the year before, he also attempted to fix my… Continue reading Father’s Day

Code Voice Arabic

My podcast with Coder Voice in Arabic. I spoke about my early start in computers in the early eighties, my professional career in Lebanon and the United States. We then talked about AI, open-source, and retro computers. Thank you, Hassan Kanj – حسن كنج for letting me share my voice. نتحدث في الحلقة ٢٩ من… Continue reading Code Voice Arabic

Game and Watch

Nintendo is celebrating its 40th anniversary of Super Mario and the 20th anniversary of its original Game and Watch with the latest Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros. The Game and Watch were so amazing. As a kid, I would carry the two that I had everywhere, even to bed. A list of all the games… Continue reading Game and Watch

Remembering PC Magazine

Same time 12 years ago, PC Magazine stopped its print edition. Tech magazines were as important as computers during the evolution of personal computing. Other well-known magazines that many computing enthusiasts would recall and which stopped their printing or completely shutdown include Popular Electronics (1954-1985), Creative Computing (1974-1985), Byte (1975-1998), InfoWorld (1978-2007), Compute! (1979-1994), 80/Microcomputing (1980-1988), Dr Dobbs (1976-2009), Boardwatch (1987-2001), Antic (1982-1990), Compute!’s Gazette (1983-1995), Computer and Video Games (1981, 2004), Commodore User (1983-1990), and PC World (1983-2003). 

High School Award

Found this in my archives. I was 17 years old junior at the American Community School Beirut. In 1991, the class was learning BASIC, which I knew already from elementary days. The lab instructor saw me bored, made me his assistant, and gave me the “Oh Pascal!” book. My first task was to write a… Continue reading High School Award