Chess and Coding

Even software professionals can be rated like chess players. Whether it is successfully delivering a complex project or getting rewarded based on an innovative solution, the pressures of keeping up with one’s own rating even if was something virtual can lead to self-imposed stress and fear. When a chess player is facing tough competition in a rated game, the fear of loosing that leads to a decline in rating can be overwhelming. But if the game is treated as unrated then ones’ rate would not be impacted by the win or loss. Stakes will be lower and the pressure would be less. This can apply to software developers as well. Occasionally pick up an unrated project, such as something of your own choosing or a new type of code you always want to try but were afraid to get measured by. Do it under your own pace. Once you feel more comfortable with it take a similar project as a rated challenge at your job or in your community. You will then feel more confident and more comfortable with what you do. That’s what I do when I either code or play chess. #technology