Cool 8th Graders, Computers & Games!

It is my 3rd year volunteering at Lamar Middle School (Lewisville ISD), a nearby school to our house in Texas. I kept accepting the volunteering task of presenting at its career fair even after my son moved on to high school because I felt a sense of purpose of encouraging new generations in the field […]

b2b companies should hire like b2c

I believe that an effective strategy for b2b (business to business) companies to innovate and grow is by powering their talented resources as if they are b2c (business to consumer) clients. That’s because the current generation of talents, millennials and post millennials, are digital consumers armed with the power of social networking and digital-everything. If […]

Dallas Startup Week: “scaling without stagnating” for corporates

It was a pleasure and honor to represent Thomson Reuters at the panel on “scaling without stagnating” as part of corporate innovation. The event was hosted by Capital One and sponsored by Dallas Innovates as part of #dallasstartupweek. The panelists Dalia Powers (CBRE VP/CIO & panelist moderator), Sterling Mah Ingui (Head of Go To Markets […]

Why 22 hour game-playing and listening to 68 episode podcast matters?

Thimbleweed Park is an award-winning point-and-click game released in 2017 as a tribute to similar pc and Commodore 64 adventure games in the 80s. It is created by Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, with design and development assistance from David Fox, Jenn Sandercock, and numerous other individuals. You control five characters simultaneously in a story […]

Minecraft or Fortnite for your career?

A common past/present/future dilemma in the professional space is what I learned from yesterday, which job is available today, and what to learn for tomorrow. It gets more complicated as career and family building kicks in, and even more stressful as a person’s age. If you can imagine Past, Present, and Future as building blocks […]

Give or Take

There are two types of people. Those who give more than they take, and those who take more than they give. The ratio between give and take can vary from zero to infinity such as zero giving and all taking or no giving but all taking. I think that knowing where you stand in such […]

He said “if you want a playground, go find another job”

Roughly six years ago while working at my previous employer, I asked one of the technology leaders, who might have had a bad day, why we don’t have a tech playground so that technologists like us can innovate. His answer was “if you want a playground, go find another job”. That statement both hit me […]

X is not Y and is surely not Z in the Digital Age

Witnessing over 20,000 women in tech attendees at #GHC18, majority of those by pure observation seem to be in their early twenties, hence Generation Z (those born after 1998), filling all lecture rooms about IT & AI, occupying career fair booths, and consumed with technology, internet, and mobiles phone, are all strong indications that Generation […]

Women in Tech

Cheers to Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer, Grace Hopper, who pioneered computer programming with COBOL, and all the women in tech who run code, projects, teams, and companies. But cheers is not enough. We need more diversity and inclusion in the computing workforce. According to only 26% of computing workforce in 2017 were […]

Don’t Panic. Focus and Learn New Skills

Technical professionals are under pressure to learn something new for fear of missing out on the latest technologies. Non-technical professionals fear that technology and automation will take their roles away, so they are also under pressure to learn something new too. All for the same reasons – fear of missing out or losing their value. Fear […]