Joel Kaplan

Joel Kaplan is the co-founder of 1010data. In the 2016 view below, Joel shares valuable insights on computer languages. His talk begins with the legendary predecessors Archimedes, Leibniz, and Godel. Then he talks about Iverson’s APL (A Programming Language), which is the predecessor of all array-based programming languages, including the language K. Joel also talks about his… Continue reading Joel Kaplan

2000’s resume

Time in tech flies without knowing. I found my year 2000 resume that includes my key accomplishments in web development during web 1.0 in the 90s. (My career 1st started in technical support of Micron computers and assembling pcs – the latter is what teenage kids do these days for building gaming computers) In web,… Continue reading 2000’s resume

My College Days Story

A big wish for me came true this weekend when I had the honor to present in Palo Alto Silicon Valley to my fellow alumni at the American University of Beirut. I talked about my passion for computers from childhood to high school to college, and after. I rediscovered myself during my college years after… Continue reading My College Days Story

Sharing Alumni Experience

This Saturday, I will be geeking out on AI, machine learning, computing, cloud computing, and entrepreneurship with fellow professors, doctors, and alumni in Silicon Valley / Paolo Alto. Many of my fellow computer science and engineering graduates from the American University of Beirut currently living in the US and attending the reunion have leading positions… Continue reading Sharing Alumni Experience

Proud Dad

I once gave up pushing my kids into computer science, but my teenage son Adam insisted on sticking with digital art design. I was skeptical at first, maybe because I am too wired to computers as a science rather than an art. But when I heard from my colleagues about my son’s creative work, which… Continue reading Proud Dad

Embrace Gen Z into the Workforce

The corporate world should seriously embrace Generation Z into their workforce. Those born after 1997 are entering the workforce this year. Their approach in IT is to build applications with immediate real-world implications. Check what two GenZ engineers Nisha and Clarisse have to say at a HackerRank interview. Also, the financial bank BBVA Compass and Skratch,… Continue reading Embrace Gen Z into the Workforce

2018 Winter Thoughts

Chess and Coding Even software professionals can be rated like chess players. Whether it is successfully delivering a complex project or getting rewarded based on an innovative solution, the pressures of keeping up with one’s own rating can be obsessive. They can cause stress and anxiety. When a chess player faces tough competition in a… Continue reading 2018 Winter Thoughts