Computing Heroes

 Great article on the computing heroes, the genuinely good hackers, that revolutionized the personal computer industry #computing

Key Programming Languages of our Time

For historical technology purposes, a fourth conference was recently held that showcases the key programming languages of our time. The conference was supported by Oracle, IBM, Facebook, and Google. You can check the videos in the link below 

IBM 5150 PC

if you like to try using on an IBM PC from 40 years ago, check the emulator below that recreates the IBM 5150 PC experience plus lots more

Chess Queens Gambit

Loved the Netflix show The Queen’s Gambit. It is about chess, but it is also about life, health, and competition. Pocket News has a nice collection of reading material to accompany the movie – A Chess Reading List for Watching ‘The Queen’s Gambit’. 

Apple 1 Computer

Bookmarks related to the Apple 1 computer links Apple I Auctions – Computer World May, 2013 Apple I Auction NPR Classic Computing Blog – David Greelish – Lonnie Mims Interview Apple I Owners Club Joe Torzewski’s Apple I Page books Book: iWoz by Steve Wozniak Apple I Replica Creation: Back to the Garage by Tom… Continue reading Apple 1 Computer

Vintage Computing Sites

Vintage computing resources that I found on the Internet. podcasts Floppy Days ANTIC The Atari 8-bit Podcast Next Without For Podcast – Earl Evans Chicken Lips Radio Podcast – Earl Evans festivals KansasFest Commodore Vegas Expo Vintage Computer Festival Midwest Chicago TI International World Faire Indiana Computer Museum on Facebook Various Apple II History Website… Continue reading Vintage Computing Sites

Arabic Computing

Bookmarks related to Arabic computing games Captain Majed The game of death Arabic-language computer games showcased Top 5 Arab games Mohammed AlSharekh [AI, and the future of the Arabic Language – Mohammad AlSharekhTEDxAlShuwaikh]( Story of computer sakhr with Mohammed AlSharekh How Sakhr was named Localization Microsoft Teams Arabic programming !!Con 2018: Creating an Arabic Programming… Continue reading Arabic Computing

Computing Shows

There are several shows that I would recommend on vintage computing and the history of the video gaming industry: “High Score,” “Silicon Cowboys” and “Halt and Catch Fire” (fiction but has truth to it) on Netflix, “Console Wars” on CBS, “Triumph of the Nerds” and “Calculating Ada” on Curiosity Stream, “A Rift in the Valley,”… Continue reading Computing Shows