Banfield Youth Advisory Board

The Banfield Youth Advisory Board which consists of 36 generationZ participants from the community and around the country are kicking of their first meeting today. They will share their opinion and provide insights on key topics that can help shape the future of work at Banfield especially when the youth generation is the future. Thank you, our Chief People Officer, Stephanie Neuvirth, for your strategic vision and leadership, and thank you Jessica Van Dyke, SHRM-CP as well as all the HR team involved for driving such a truly original and forward-thinking initiative. #banfieldlife #marspetcare #innovation Banfield Pet Hospital

Proud moments

It is a proud moment to feel that we have driven or significantly contributed to a new product development. Progress may first seem chaotic & disorganized, just like a startup company would first find itself into, but persistence and commitments allow the brains of talents to come together and deliver something wonderful. Of course success is not measured by a product being created but by when it gets used and valued by its users. Nevertheless, we should pride ourselves with the right decisions that we made, the steps that we took, and the timely delivery of what we commited to deliver. We should also not allow ourselves to be prematurely comfortable with the outcome, because we will start to slack and loose our competitive edge. Therefore, we need to keep learning from the experience and stay fully engaged. I am excited to be sharing soon what our IT team in collaboration with multiple cross functional teams here at Banfield Pet Hospital are delivering for our customers #banfieldlife #transformation #marspetcare