Computing in Iraq

Recording session of a live YouTube seminar by leading Iraqi engineers discussing their experience in computers and technology in the Arab world.

Code Voice Arabic

My podcast with Coder Voice in Arabic. I spoke about my early start in computers in the early eighties, my professional career in Lebanon and the United States. We then talked about AI, open-source, and retro computers. Thank you, Hassan Kanj – حسن كنج for letting me share my voice. نتحدث في الحلقة ٢٩ من… Continue reading Code Voice Arabic

Arabic Computing

Bookmarks related to Arabic computing games Captain Majed The game of death Arabic-language computer games showcased Top 5 Arab games Mohammed AlSharekh [AI, and the future of the Arabic Language – Mohammad AlSharekhTEDxAlShuwaikh]( Story of computer sakhr with Mohammed AlSharekh How Sakhr was named Localization Microsoft Teams Arabic programming !!Con 2018: Creating an Arabic Programming… Continue reading Arabic Computing