I started a new site to share and store any material that is related to the Arabic language and technology. For the time being, I will just post material that I encounter whenever I happen to be reading or researching online. Later on, I will expand more on it and eventually hope to drive our Arab community of engineers, researchers, and technologists to share any Arabic-related work.

Arab-related Open Source Survey – Arab-speaking developers requested to complete survey

I am an Arab American software development professional who, besides his day to day job as Director of Technology at Thomson Reuters, is currently working on an academic paper about the opportunities and challenges of Arabic-related open source development initiatives. I am actively searching for Arab-speaking developers to complete a short survey. The results will be part of an upcoming self-published paper that will be shared under open access scholarly publication and will be freely available for all our community. If you speak Arabic and is involved in developing software or is associated with the technology industry in general, your help completing the survey is truly appreciated. Please access the survey at

Arabic-related Open Source Survey

I am working on an academic paper related to Arab English-speaking community and open source. The purpose is to understand the level of interests and the challenges/opportunities encountered by Arab software developers in contributing to open source projects that are associated with the Arabic language.  If you are an Arab and is involved with computer software, I would really appreciate your help to complete this short survey. Your response will be kept anonymous.

Link to the survey using Google Forms: 

Thank you.