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Yesterday, our vacuum cleaner was no longer working as it should, so I started troubleshooting it. I found dust clogged in the tube due to a vacuumed needle and a coin blocking the pathway. The whole process of disassembling, troubleshooting, reassembling, and testing took only minutes. To the consumer, which in this case is me, the vaccine cleaner system looks so simple and intuitive. The system, however, is more complex. Air physics in nature, gravitational forces, motor mechanics, and excellent engineering are all the reasons why vaccum cleaners are one of the essential products in our households. Even if digital commodities, such as software, are nowadays the things that attract innovation, we can always borrow chapters from mechanical engineering product design to build products. We need to leverage the powers of nature, our human senses, our intuitive thinking, and all the forces like those in physics to attract talent, customers, and teams in product development.

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