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The old tech is new tech!

My teenage daughter enjoys listening to her favorite singer on a 30yr old vintage cassette (tape) playing Walkman. She finds such 20th-century technology to be remarkable. The experience with physical non-digital actions, such as pressing FF (Fast Forward), REW (Rewind), Play, or ejecting then reversing a tape, is not just an old school thing anymore. Now, she is asking for a recording option. Similarly, my teenage son loves listening to his latest hip-hop albums via a modern LP record player. Turning the disk or switching from one record to another is a fun experience. Both of my kids also bought old vintage instant cameras and are pressing me to find their films. Who said technology needs to be solely digital for the future generation? Technology is a true innovation that is crossing multiple generations! We need to continuously learn and appreciate the “old” to build a better “new.”


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