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I attended Tech Titans sponsored” Intentional Future Making” event at UTD. The speakers were Anne Balsamo, Dean of UTD School ATEC, Gwen Ishmael, Escalent SVP, and Ted Farrington, Kalypso Fellow. Dr. Balsamo discussed the importance of researching culture and human behavior for innovation. Ms. Ishmael shared use cases on digital ethnographic research and how it applies in today’s technology consumption. Dr. Farrington discussed deductive and inductive scenario methods and how it was successful at major corporate R&D. Panel followed with questions from the audience. I asked about the challenges facing ethnographic & R&D researches that are grounded in solid academic principles. At the same time, many startups jump quickly to the next idea and are impatient with research and development timetables. The challenge exists. Innovators must realize the importance of timely research before jumping onto their concept. Panelists shared their insight on the criticality of research to prevent failed implementations, adapt to the new business requirements, and provide findings at a lesser time while cautioning innovators against the risk of the fast conclusions through preliminary research.

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full replay of the presentation below

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