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Posting course achievements on social media

A lot of social media users tend to publicize their LinkedIn or Coursera course achievements. When we were at college, we would not post on walls that we completed some course. We might get laughed at. Completing a course (free or paid for) should no longer be treated as breaking news. What should be an achievement is what you do with what you learned rather than wait for recruiters to message you. They won’t if you completed X numbers of courses. If every small thing we achieve is posted as an achievement, how could you differentiate yourself from others who took nearly the same classes? Instead, focus on the outcome. Do something with what you learned. Don’t make it an excuse that you only need your next x-figure salary to apply what you learned. That’s bogus. You are wasting your time that way. Avoid publicizing the number of course completions and keep the quality of courses you took to yourself. It is also less stressful because you won’t have to worry about the likes you will not get or the recruiters that won’t come. Better to tap yourself on the shoulder and move on. It is a lot healthier since, at the very least, you are making some physical effort that personally benefits you and not anyone else.

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