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Remembering PC Magazine

Same time 12 years ago, PC Magazine stopped its print edition. Tech magazines were as important as computers during the evolution of personal computing. Other well-known magazines that many computing enthusiasts would recall and which stopped their printing or completely shutdown include Popular Electronics (1954-1985), Creative Computing (1974-1985), Byte (1975-1998), InfoWorld (1978-2007), Compute! (1979-1994), 80/Microcomputing (1980-1988), Dr Dobbs (1976-2009), Boardwatch (1987-2001), Antic (1982-1990), Compute!’s Gazette (1983-1995), Computer and Video Games (1981, 2004), Commodore User (1983-1990), and PC World (1983-2003).

PC Magazine PC Magazine

Byte Magazine Byte Magazine

Popular Electronics Popular Electronics

Creative Computing Creative Computing Creative Computing

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