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There are a lot of note-taking tools and task management tools out there; some are conventional physical notebooks, such as bullet journaling, or digital, mainly one or more of the mobile apps on your phone. I found myself highly productive by using a hybrid of two products. Two Rocketbooks (one executive size and one pocket size) placed conveniently around my workplace) and an open-source command-line app called nb. I use the Rocketbook to write or scribble on the fly. I do occasionally use the scanning/export feature. More importantly, I would find time during the day to recollect my thoughts and store them on “nb” on the terminal using vim and git sync. All my notes are then synced in a private repository and are organized in bookmarks, daily journals, projects, etc. If you find yourself productive using other tools, please do share. This is not a marketing or a sales post for products. It is simply a discussion on information management. #productivity

nb journal app

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