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Linux 30th Anniversary

Happy 30th birthday today, Linux.

From Wiki History of Linux (https://lnkd.in/gq_HnS_r) “As Torvalds wrote in his book Just for Fun,[13] he eventually ended up writing an operating system kernel. On 25 August 1991, he (at age 21) announced this system in a Usenet posting to the newsgroup “comp.os.minix.” :[14]

Hello everybody out there using minix -

I ‘m doing a (free) operating system (just a hobby, won ‘t be big and professional like gnu) for 386(486) AT clones. This has been brewing since april, and is starting to get ready. I ‘d like any feedback on things people like/dislike in minix, as my OS resembles it somewhat (same physical layout of the file-system (due to practical reasons) among other things).

I ‘ve currently ported bash(1.08) and gcc(1.40), and things seem to work. This implies that I ‘ll get something practical within a few months, and I ‘d like to know what features most people would want. Any suggestions are welcome, but I won ‘t promise I ‘ll implement them 🙂

Linus (torvalds@kruuna.helsinki.fi)

PS. Yes - it ‘s free of any minix code, and it has a multi-threaded fs. It is NOT protable [sic] (uses 386 task switching etc), and it probably never will support anything other than AT-harddisks, as that ‘s all I have :-(.

— Linus Torvalds[15]

It was somewhere around 1996-1997 at the American University of Beirut Computer Science department. My coding mentor since high school gave me some CDs that ran Debian Linux 0.93 release 6. He asked me to share it with my fellow students. I happily obliged because, at that time, I was immersed with Linux myself when everyone had Windows 95. I was always a terminal person since my Commodore, CP/M, and DOS days. I remember fellow students wondering what Linux is and why they would need it. I was giving them away for free because they are free, but people won ‘t take them. No one I knew needed Linux, except when I took my first “webmaster “job at the time. Come now: if my kids come to me and say, “dad, do you know Linux or can we install it?”- I am going to smile big time! The whole world is on Linux, and nearly everything my kids have has some Linux flavor without them knowing. Happy 30th anniversary, Linux. You surely made a difference!!!!


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