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Many past inventions, such as 17th-century mechanical calculator machines or early 20th century computers, suffered from clearly identifying the innovators and the original creators. Chronology of events is important for history and documentation as future creators build on previous accomplishments. Technology is moving fast; new developers and creators are now rushing to publish something out there and share it without making an effort to document their work or properly disclose where the ideas came from. Fast forward to a decade from now. No one will have a clue who is truly the innovator or the impostor. Managers must enforce documentation to their team, and they must be held accountable for what they manage. Coders/creators must write the story behind their work and publish it somewhere that is accessible by the organization (or society) that entrusted the work to them. Everyone should write their true story. It is the first step in building a factual history in the future.

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