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Have faith in Linux

Nothing in Windows 11 seems not to have been “inspired” by Linux and the Mac. The new look and feel are very similar to Gnome and KDE. The minimalist approach is also so similar to Mac OS. I hope we see more innovation from the big tech companies instead of mainly taking significant chapters from the open-source communities. Over 90% of the market is Windows, but the creativity, in my opinion, is coming from the technology community at large that does it not for the money. Will the Windows market dominance ultimately destroy the open-source Linux? In the past, Windows couldn’t defeat Linux, but this time it seems different. Microsoft is embracing Linux. We hope the free Linux survive and the inspired community continues to innovate at will. We also wish that creators and innovators are prospering too. I don’t want to to see Linux becoming Windows, just like Chrome becoming Edge. I like to see innovation that drives healthier competition.

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