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If you are a geek, you know that blockchain is the future today in the technology industry. If you are not a geek, you think of blockchain as bitcoins, cryptocurrency, and, recently in the news, NFT (nontangible what?). For governments, they wanted it controlled. The regular people still don’t get it (a block or a chain of what exactly). Some say they made millions because they were right there at the right time. Others say they lost millions because someone stole their keys (keys to what? Password, open-sesame?) Companies are in it. Some governments are not utterly excited. New kids love it. Old kids don’t get it. However, it is a multibillion industry. It is a mix of hype, excitement for the new in tech, and a serious revolution or evolution (doesn’t matter) that, maybe, at least everyone who uses LinkedIn is a professional who should understand blockchain and what one step they can take to get involved. It starts by reading a book or searching online. No, not on Tik Tok. Not on Facebook. Not online news. A book - tangible or not. Blockchain is the future today

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