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ou can always trust the Firebox browser, the browser that was built over Netscape to power the entire web browsing experience, to be there for your web productivity. I stopped using Firefox on Linux for the last two years and used Chrome’s variant Brave browser instead. Firefox took a back seat for me just as many others discarded it in favor of the more corporate-sponsored browsers - Edge and Chrome. I thought it would eventually die because of its lower adoption than the other mainstream browsers. Today, however, I had an issue with a particular site (Microsoft Outlook Web-version) that started acting weird on my Brave browser instance. I did not have time to waste troubleshooting. I quickly reinstalled Firefox, accessed that site, and everything worked smoothly. Yes, it can be a specific issue between the site, the browser, and my setup, but that is not the point. Firefox should not take a back seat anymore. At least not for me. I did not uninstall Brave, which, by the way, was founded by an ex-cofounder of Firefox. Instead, I made Firefox my main browser because it is reliable and adheres to all w3 standards. Kiddos to the Firefox development team who stayed dedicated to the browser, the sponsors of Mozilla, and the open source community that remained faithful to the product even when users moved away to other browsers.

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