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Exciting Periods Ahead for Tech

The remainder of the year and the following year will continue to be an exciting period for IT. The hype of AI has toned down a little, and now we have more focus on applications. Microsoft, Google, Amazon, and recently Apple are showing more developer-centric products. Just check all their recent announcements. Open source still rules, and GitHub is still the go-to place even after Microsoft’s acquisition. Startups keep popping up in different areas, such as Texas and not just the traditional states. IoT, ARM chips, and Maker tools keep getting cheaper for affordable proof of concepts. The lucky interns are landing summer jobs while the unlucky ones will have to be patient for other opportunities but can pick up new skills in the interim or enjoy family unions. On the other hand, incumbent corporate employees have no shortage of learning and wisdom leadership. Overall, it is great to be in IT.

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