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DIY risk taking

One essential characteristic in management and leadership is problem-solving. It is coming to see IT professionals saying how they solved customer issues or business problems. But how often do you hear an IT guy or gal saying, “I am a handy persona and have been relatively successful in solving my household issues such as electrical, plumbing, or fixing anything broken anywhere in the house.” Not because it is about being cost-effective compared to hiring a professional. Instead, it is about analyzing, designing, strategizing, and believing in yourself. That’s what I was doing these past two weeks around my house. It felt good. Sometimes you fail, but you rationalize what has happened and learn from it. Hard work accompanied by continuous learning is a precious asset. It’s worth taking such a risk with what you own because your experience will transcend across every part of your professional and personal life. Make sure to clean after you work; otherwise, you will have unforeseen problems in the house!

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