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Recalling the PhD experience

Woke up at 5am this Saturday morning for some research and work before the family wakes up. While doing some digital clean up on with my old Evernote notes, I came across my phd work at Walden University which I completed in 2015. At the time I created a Google Sites workplace that I used to put together all my work, shared progress with my supervisors, store drafts and todo lists, and put some notes about the code that I working on. When I open up the notes, everything about the phd experience flashed back - the stress of writing with the thoughts of rejection by advisors, the obstacles faced when you thought that the data you need for your dissertation is within reach but when in reality it is not so you have to work harder to get to your data, or the thought that your original intuition about the research prior to writing the dissertation did not align with the rational outcome from the research. But then you come to learn more about your self, your thoughts, your discoveries, and even your own beliefs regardless of what what the research outcome ended up to be. Developing and completing a dissertation is a personal feat that makes you a better person as an intellectual human being with little more wisdom than what you had before the journey. I strongly recommend the journey - not just for the sake of contributing to the scholarly world but for the sake of personal human development when we are now racing not only with ourselves as a human race but also racing against our own artificial intelligence creations.

My dissertation: Effects of Investor Sentiment Using Social Media on Corporate Financial Distress

GitHub: hoteit/finSentiment

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