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Dallas Startup Week - Scaling without stagnating for corporate firms

It was a pleasure and honor to represent Thomson Reuters at the panel on “scaling without stagnating” as part of corporate innovation. The event was hosted by Capital One and sponsored by Dallas Innovates as part of the #dallasstartupweek event. The panelists were Dalia Powers (CBRE VP/CIO & panelist moderator), Sterling Mah Ingui (Head of Go To Markets Fidelity Labs), Scott Emmons (The Current Global CTO), Sean Minte (AmplifAI CEO), Charlie Lass (MIT investor), and myself from Thomson Reuters Labs. We took turns discussing leadership, people, organization, process/change management, and technology to support innovation in the corporate world. For me, it was also an opportunity to let startups in Dallas know about Thomson Reuters, Thomson Reuters Labs, and our community engagements in Dallas. I even shared my journey on a significant product transformation as part of corporate innovation, hoping to encourage everyone not to give up and do the same and more. We also answered questions from the audience, such as how startups can interact with corporate (my answer: persistence is critical but if someone from corporate is ignoring you, find another contact. Don’t give up.

Dallas Startup Week

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