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My dad and peas

Today marks the 10th year of my dad’s passing away due to cancer. My dad always loved numbers, so a 2-22-2022 would be more special than just a pattern of twos. I wish he is alive to replay a moment that I had with him in the year between surviving first cancer and then losing to the second one. My father was on the balcony with peas. He said, “look at this marvelous creation of peas. Its structure. Its taste. it is color. Its utility”. He paused for a minute, allowing me to take a photo before he shelled and then ate a few. My dad taught us to stay curious, have faith, be scientific, creative, kind, and empathetic. Seeing myself in my life journey, I would have the same thing about those peas. My father helped shape my thinking—appreciating everything in life, even the insignificant. I miss you, dad. I wish that I could give you all the peas in the world to have another moment to talk to you.

dad admiring peas' creation

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