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There are several shows that I would recommend on vintage computing and the history of the video gaming industry: “High Score,” “Silicon Cowboys” and “Halt and Catch Fire” (fiction but has truth to it) on Netflix, “Console Wars” on CBS, “Triumph of the Nerds” and “Calculating Ada” on Curiosity Stream, “A Rift in the Valley,” “The Bits of Yesterday,” “The Lost Arcade,” “The King of Arcades,” “The Video Games Years “on Amazon Prime.
Great podcasts about vintage computing and retro computing to listen to: “Floppy Days vintage computing,” “retro computing table,” “This week in retro,” “?next without for”, “retrobits,” “the retro hour,” “the history of personal computing,” “press play on tape,” “eaten by a grue,” “immortal c64 podcast”, “Apple time wrap,” “amigos retro gaming,” and “retronauts.”

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