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I am an ethical hacker, and, at the same time, I am a vintage computing collector. Occasionally, I would drop by a thrift store, especially Goodwill, and check if vintage electronics are worth buying. I will be researching its value on the spot while other customers fill their carts with clothes etc. What struck me is the amount of personal digital items, mainly CDs and DVDs with personal labels, that people leave behind. I don’t buy those because they are personal items from people out there. Yet, such items get picked up instantly by others. God knows how much personal content in medium devices is seen by strangers - photos, videos, whatever. If you believe in giving to stores like Goodwill includes giving away personal content on CDs or DVDs. DON’T! Turn the used CDs as wall art if you like but don’t throw personal content away. You will regret it later when some confidential material finds its way on the Internet.

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