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The Bookshelf Saga

My wife ordered a bookshelf. Delivery brings it over. You (me - he) says, “hon, I will install it.” My wife then leaves home. I open the boxes. No instructions. Yet it is a couple of metallic frames and wooden shelves with hundred screws of four different lengths. You think to yourself, “fine; this is an agile task plan” You get into the installation confidently. A couple of scratches on the wooden floor … it is ok .. no one will notice. I finished assembling it three hours later. But something looked odd, and a screw is now missing. Troubleshoot. You find your mistake with the one metallic frame in the freaking middle of the whole thing. Forced to disassemble most of it all. 2 hours later - more scratches on the floor, wrist pain due to a stupid error, while cursing all the time the manufacturer given that it is an expensive bookshelf. 5 hours total. You wish you did a waterfall step in the first place by saying, “hon, let me check the instructions before I commit to installing.”

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