Home 'AI & I at Work' – University of Texas at Dallas MIS Club Presentation

'AI & I at Work' – University of Texas at Dallas MIS Club Presentation

I love my University of Texas in Dallas MIS Club audience! I started with running videos of main events in data science and AI history since the 60s. I never imagined that I would show Charlie Chaplin in the 80s IBM PC commercial or talk about the first desktop computer of the 60s, the Olivetti Programma 1, but I did :). I then spoke on how Python programming is a standard instrument for data scientists. I promoted Jupyter Labs over Jupyter notebooks and encouraged the audience to leverage cloud notebooks using Google Collab. Then we went onto the cool stuff that I prepared for the event. I showcased my quick and easy implementation of building a Twitter sentiment analysis product with Python, Tweepy APIs, Django, Google Cloud NLP, and Docker containers. I then walked the audience on building a production-ready customers reviews rating model in less than 4 hours using Google AutoML for language processing and a Kaggle dataset that I found through Google’s new dataset search engine. After that, we had fun recognizing objects in the auditorium with Amazon DeepLens camera after deploying a pre-trained neural network model for object detection. Time went so fast when it was all love for computers. #loveoflearning

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