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My Millenium Resume

Time in tech flies without knowing. I found my year 2000 resume that includes my key accomplishments in web development during web 1.0 in the 90s. (My career 1st started in technical support of Micron computers and assembling pcs - the latter is what teenage kids do these days for building gaming computers) In web, I loved the term webmaster. Felt cool at the time. I was working in Linux 1.0, Mac PowerPC, Sun Sparc, Java, J++, C++, VI, ASP, Novell Netware, Open Text Basis, IIS, Perl, Apache, and CGI. Python and C# were getting born at the time. I even loved Microsoft so much that I made my email MS Tarek M S standing for Microsoft 🙂 after mswindows, msoffice, etc. 

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