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My dad passed away on 2/22/2012. Cancer took him after a long fight. He was a pioneer in journalism and future thinking. He loved the pen and paper. He loved his family. His pride is seeing his children and grandchildren succeed in life. He always believed in being passionate about what you do, be authentic and honest, and be good to yourself and everyone around you. Never political, never greedy, always loving, and always embracing positivism in life no matter what life throws back at you. He was the first to get a television in his neighborhood. The first to get an encyclopedia while making monthly payments for each book. The first to push technology in journalism in Lebanon. Always inviting others to leverage the knowledge he acquired. Never selfish. Never. I miss my dad. I miss every moment that he was with us, but I know that every drop of thought or vision, or act that I do each day has my dad in it.

Adnan Hoteit

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