AI/ML supporting hometowns of international students: what, how and why?

Nearly everyone around by now has either heard or used artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in some form or fashion. Some students are already publishing papers in the field while other students are applying various AI techniques in their research, internships, or just for fun. Professionals in the industry have either incorporated some […]

New Arabic NLP findings – An Arabic speech corpus and an Arabic Root Finder neural net

Published a new blog post on Arabic.Computer about two projects I found on the Internet that are useful for Arabic NLP initiatives. The first one is Arabic Speech Corpus in a Damascian accent provided by Nawar Halabi and is offered under a non-commercial license. The other one is Arabic Root Finder, a useful Keras/Scikit-Learn neural […]

Arab-related Open Source Survey – Arab-speaking developers requested to complete survey

I am an Arab American software development professional who, besides his day to day job as Director of Technology at Thomson Reuters, is currently working on an academic paper about the opportunities and challenges of Arabic-related open source development initiatives. I am actively searching for Arab-speaking developers to complete a short survey. The results will […]

Arabic-related Open Source Survey

I am working on an academic paper related to Arab English-speaking community and open source. The purpose is to understand the level of interests and the challenges/opportunities encountered by Arab software developers in contributing to open source projects that are associated with the Arabic language.  If you are an Arab and is involved with computer software, […]

Friday web findings on machine learning

An in-browser experimented from Google named Teachable Machine to show in two-minutes what modern artificial intelligence can and cannot do. (worked better on Firefox and will work on Chrome. Had issues with Safari) – more details on moving from artificial intelligence from academic to the industry building an AI that understands the […]

Friday Reads

Machine Learning in General Lawyer Watch – Lawyers learning about prediction – 1-2017 Machine Learning Is The New Proving Ground For Competitive Advantage 3-2017 You might have heard about natural language process (NLP) – Iotcentral: brief explanation and a more technical version for developers using Python – AnalyticsVidhya 1-2017 Important article about AI from one […]

Recalling the PhD experience

Woke up at 5am this Saturday morning for some research and work before the family wakes up. While doing some digital clean up on with my old Evernote notes, I came across my phd work at Walden University which I completed in 2015. At the time I created a Google Sites workplace that I […]

Financial Sentiment Analysis

As part of my Phd dissertation at Walden University, I developed an application that would analyze the sentiments of tweets that include the stock symbols of the publicly held firms in the United States and correlate the results with the financial data of such firms during the period of the research. At the time of […]

Stanford Core NLP Sentiment Analysis

There is no shortage of natural language processing (NLP) algorithms on the Internet. Open source software is available for accessing NLP libraries are also available in nearly every major programming language. Few of the major key NLP frameworks are: Stanford Core NLP Stanford Core NLP includes a set of libraries for natural language analysis. This […]