Cool 8th Graders, Computers & Games!

It is my 3rd year volunteering at Lamar Middle School (Lewisville ISD), a nearby school to our house in Texas. I kept accepting the volunteering task of presenting at its career fair even after my son moved on to high school because I felt a sense of purpose of encouraging new generations in the field […]

AI & Games at Grade 8 Career Fair

I am showcasing today AI gadgets to Grade 8 midddle schoolers at Lamar Middle School (Lewisville ISD) next to my house. The students have a career fair event, and I hope to encourage future programmers to the field of technology. I am taking with me Amazon DeepLens and built-it-yourself Google AIY Voice. I plan to […]

Dallas Startup Week: “scaling without stagnating” for corporates

It was a pleasure and honor to represent Thomson Reuters at the panel on “scaling without stagnating” as part of corporate innovation. The event was hosted by Capital One and sponsored by Dallas Innovates as part of #dallasstartupweek. The panelists Dalia Powers (CBRE VP/CIO & panelist moderator), Sterling Mah Ingui (Head of Go To Markets […]

Lightning Talk – Course Sentiment Tweets with AutoMl

I presented a 15-minute lightning talk on leveraging AutoML for sentiment analysis. Quick and easy AutoML for Sentiment Analysis and Classification tasks “Machine learning algorithms have evolved significantly in the last few years. AutoML is one of the latest advancements in the field that allows anyone to build and deploy AI products without requiring extensive […]

“Applied AI/ML in the Workplace – Geek Food for Thought” – UT Austin presentation

Last Thursday we presented “Applied AI/ML in the Workplace – Geek Food for Thought” at the University of Texas in Austin Computer Science department. Thomson Reuters is one of the Friends of the University of Texas at Austin that gives students an excellent opportunity to engage with the industry and learn more about companies that […]

Applied AI/ML in the Workplace – From Labs to Product, Real Use Cases at Thomson Reuters

Looking forward to presenting “Applied AI/ML in the Workplace – From Labs to Product, Real Use Cases at Thomson Reuters” at The University of Texas at Austin computer science department tomorrow. We will highlight some cool products that recently came out of the Thomson Reuters Labs and showcase how easy, beneficial, and cheaper nowadays for […]

“AI & I at Work” – University of Texas at Dallas MIS Club Presentation

Update: Link to the presentation via DropBox  Note: you need to download the presentation and turn it into presentation mode to access the videos. Also, GitHub link for Sentiment-Tweets  and GitHub link for AutoML Course Reviews I love my University of Texas in Dallas MIS Club audience! I started with running videos of key events in the history of […]

Jump Start into Machine Learning

YouTube recording of a presentation I gave earlier this year (check previous post). In the session, I discussed my passion in the field of computers and showcased various machine learning techniques and applications using Google AIY using Raspberry Pi, Google Collab, and even a neural network on a Commodore 64.

felt like yesterday

Earlier this year but it feels like yesterday when I presented on Do-It-Yourself AI. Great moments when you engage the audience with Google AIY tools, showing Commodore 64 machine learning code in Basic, and talking about burning 5 Raspberry PI Zeros while soldering 🙂 Link to the presentation on hashtag#machinelearning hashtag#raspberrypi

Dallas ISD Career Fair Student Event

As part of Thomson Reuters community engagement, my team and I met with Dallas ISD high school students who visited the University of Texas in Dallas campus. My team sat with the students and discussed their career experience. I did as well, but I also had the chance to present my deck to the students. […]