My Story with Pink Floyd

Sometime between ‘91 and ‘92 I accidentally saw Pink Floyd Another Brick in the Wall part 2 video on MTV – the scene where school kids turn into .. Loved the song, so I went and bought a cassette with only The Wall Part 1 album. Never thought to buy Part 2 at that time. […]


I started a new site to share and store any material that is related to the Arabic language and technology. For the time being, I will just post material that I encounter whenever I happen to be reading or researching online. Later on, I will expand more on it and eventually hope to drive […]

My hidden place

This is my favorite place in Dallas metroplex. Hidden in Richardson Texas is the arcade place Free Play. Old school retro arcades all day unlimited for $10. The place brings back memories of the eighties with its retro atmosphere including the music. Games include Galaga (ofcourse), Gauntlet, Dragon’s Lair, Bezerk, Defender, Mortal Kombat, and lots […]

Retro: Atari & Commodore days 1981-1990

This is how my life with computers first started. It all began in 1981 when I first saw my cousin in Beirut, Lebanon playing PacMan on the Atari 2600. The colors, the sounds, and the animation fascinated me. I was six years then and that’s when my passion first started to take shape. We travel to […]