Innovation Spring in Dallas!

I participated in several events around Dallas this month of April, and each one is proving more and more that Dallas is a great hub for innovation. Here is my journal log about the 2019 Dallas Startup Week for April 1-5, followed by the Dallas Innovation Roadshow bus tour on April 24, and concluding with […]

Entrepreneurship in Dallas

For Dallas Entrepreneurs, soon-to-be, or any of my Dallas contacts, you should check out the following entrepreneurial sources in Dallas. The DEC (Dallas Entrepreneur Center) is nonprofit org to support innovation in Dallas website: Capital Factory ( brings fellow entrepreneurs, mentors, and investors in one place. You can get a space there to innovate […]

Women in Tech

Cheers to Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer, Grace Hopper, who pioneered computer programming with COBOL, and all the women in tech who run code, projects, teams, and companies. But cheers is not enough. We need more diversity and inclusion in the computing workforce. According to only 26% of computing workforce in 2017 were […]

Dallas AI Second Meetup on Deep Learning

In our second meetup event, Viswanath Puttagunta, CTO of Divergence Academy, gave an overview of Convolution Neural Networks, and then Mandeep Kumar, CEO and Mahesh Kashyap CDO of Deep Cognition presented their desktop and cloud-based studio for developing neural networks. Divergence Academy provides courses on various topics including data science. Check Divergence Academy data […]