Are Keyboard Shortcuts Still Shortcuts?

I remember the time when we as students first learned to program on early versions of PCs and terminal machines connected to a mainframe. Word processor software, namely WordStar and WordPerfect, were your everyday companion to write papers or stories. Productivity utilities for the first personal computers were innovative, especially that that memory allocation and […]

BASIC First Lines of Code

I will write about Microsoft Build conference soon but one important photo that I feel any developer would appreciate is that of the first lines of assembly code that formed the BASIC language compiler on the first Altair personal computer written by Bill Gates and the late Paul Allen. It can be see at the […]

Key tech announcements this past week

Key technology announcements in the last few days for software developers, blockchain, and data science. Both Amazon and Microsoft launched their managed blockchain services for general adoption. I expect this to disrupt the blockchain business since it simplifies the process of adopting or integrating blockchain in the development ecosystem. More info at TechCrunch and CoinDesk. […]

Cool 8th Graders, Computers & Games!

It is my 3rd year volunteering at Lamar Middle School (Lewisville ISD), a nearby school to our house in Texas. I kept accepting the volunteering task of presenting at its career fair even after my son moved on to high school because I felt a sense of purpose of encouraging new generations in the field […]

Not just the world is round but the technology world is round as well

If the world is round then so as the technology world is round as well. In the late seventies and eighties, the BASIC language and Assembly Language were hot things at the time. After that, people took on new technologies with the Internet and jumped on languages such as HTML, C, C++, Perl, Python, and JavaScript. Systems moved […]

digging the past

Why it is important to dig the past of computers by reading, for example, early 1970s issues of Byte magazine? Going back to the roots of personal computers and living the technology footprint, the innovation and limitations at that time would give you, not only appreciation of where we are today and how far we […]

Commodore 64/128 FTP Sites

I found this set of FTP sources for the Commodore 64 and 128 from one old mailing list Commodore FTP Sites Listing Last update 21 Aug 2009 by Cameron Kaiser   FTP: Last updated: 24 Jun 2006 Username: c64 Password: rulez Directory: / Description: Various scene and game-oriented files, including an FUnet mirror, […]

Build with Watson

Last night I played around with IBM Watson Internet of Things and Bluemix cloud services platform using their developer tools. IBM changed their developer pricing policy to allow free light accounts not to expire which is a great for unlimited prototyping. I experimented with training Watson conversations dialogues and natural language understanding using their visual […]

Google AIY

Setting up Google Voice AIY was an easy challenge but getting Google Vision AIY took a deep toll on me to successful solder the smaller Raspberry PI Zero W gpio pins. Messed up two PIs along the way but improving my soldering skills out weigh the cost of two $5 PI Zeros excluding the gas […]

Deep Learning

There is a lot of great videos on deep learning on the internet. Just do a YouTube search for deep learning. The one that most inspired me are the following is Yoshua Bengio TEDx talk in 2017. Joshua Bengio one of the founding fathers of modern-day machine learning. YouTube link also a great video about […]